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Vikas Dubey Encounter: An Analysis

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Who is Vikas Dubey?

A man who was popularly known as the ‘Kanpur gangster’ was an Indian history-sheeter and a gangster turned politician from Kanpur Dehat district of Uttar Pradesh. In 2001, Vikas Dubey was the prime accused against the Minister of State Santosh Shukla. He was even accused in high profile murder cases which includes the murder of Siddheshwar Pandey and many more charges such as robbery, kidnapping, and illegal land acquisition. He associated himself as an aide of politician Harikishan Srivastava. 62 criminal cases are charged against him which includes 5 cases of murder and 8 cases of attempt to murder. Tough laws such as the UP-Gangster Act, Goonda Act, National Security Act, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act, and Arms Act were invoked against him.

Kanpur Encounter

On July 3, a Friday, 8 policemen were killed by the gangster during an attempt to arrest him in Bikru village. In the police team including DSP and 7 police personnel, the DSP was killed and the others were left injured. The autopsy report clarified that the DSP was beheaded and brutalized with an axe while multiple bullet wounds were seen in other cops which were fired from different weapons. The Forensic reports claimed that the encounter had the involvement of 60 Gangster men. Mohit Agarwal, The Inspector General of Kanpur range, has said that the procedure the whole plan was laid down is similar to the strategy usually adopted by the Maoists. The trap was allocated by placing a JCB on the dirt road, thus diverting the attention, and then the firing was done by the gang members from the rooftops.

The call details of the history-sheeter revealed that around 24 policemen were in terms of him. Apart from that, 2 policemen of Chaubepur police station and a few from Shivrajpur police station were constantly in contact with him. After the bloodbath in Bikru village, the gangster remained missing.

The demolition of his house was done in presence of UP police officers. Meanwhile, the Station House Officer of Chaubepur police station was suspended under which Vikas Dubey’s village fell. The Reward of Rs. 5 Lakhs was offered for the information given on the assurance that the identity will not be disclosed to prevent revenge attacks.

Vikas Dubey's Arrest and Encounter

On Friday around 7 in the morning, Vikas Dubey was spotted while entering the Mahakal temple in Ujjain. It is said that while buying the prayer offerings, he was recognized by the shopkeeper and he alerted the security guards. He was questioned by the guards about his identity and he produced a fake ID of a younger man. When prodded he was taken to the police and subsequently was arrested. According to the police, after being spotted and escaped from Faridabad(Haryana), Vikas Dubey drove to Ujjain in his car along with his two associates.

A day after he got arrested, Mohit Agarwal, IG, Kanpur confirmed that the gangster was killed in an encounter on their way back from Madhya Pradesh to Kanpur. The incident took place near the Barra area in Kanpur around 7 am. As per the reports the vehicle in which Vikas Dubey was seated was met with an accident, where the vehicle overturned after skidding due to heavy rain. The version of the accident says that the car flipped as it took a sudden turn to avoid a herd of cattle. In the accident along with the gangster, STF Sub Inspector and two other policemen got injured. As per the Statement made by the Kanpur police, he was taken out from the vehicle, he snatched the gun from the police and ran but was eventually caught and asked to surrender. Instead of surrendering, Vikas Dubey Dubey started firing on the Police. The police fired back in self-defence. During the encounter, Vikas Dubey was injured and was rushed to Hallett hospital but was declared dead. He has four bullet wounds, three on the chest, and one on his arm.

From Friday to Friday – the Story of Vikas Dubey

  • On July 3 eight UP police personnel which included the DSP were killed in Kanpur with an encounter with the gangster Vikas Dubey and his gang members.

  • On July 4, the Station House Officer Vinay Tewari was suspended, and the gangster’s house was demolished.

  • On July 5 Dayashankar Agnihotri who is the main aid of Dubey was arrested.

  • On July 6, because the policemen tripped Vikas Dubey three policemen were suspended.

  • On July 7 gangster’s relative and his domestic helper, Rekha got arrested.

  • On July 8, Amar Dubey, Vikas Dubey’s aide, got killed in an Encounter and on the other hand Shyamu Bajpai, his other aide was arrested. Also, Vikas Dubey escaped from a hotel in Faridabad, Haryana.

  • On July 9, Dubey was caught in Ujjain’s Mahakal temple.

  • On July 10, Vikas Dubey was shot dead in Kanpur in an encounter with UP police while attempting to escape, by snatching the pistol from STF personnel.

Post-death Probe:

The former Supreme Court Judge BS Chauhan retired Allahabad High Court judge Shashi Kant Agarwal and former DGP KL Gupta were the members of the judicial commission. The main question raised was that “why Dubey was out on bail or parole despite so many criminal cases against him. It was even claimed it was the “failure of the institutions” that put Vikas Dubey out on bail, though there were 63 criminal cases charged against him.

Is Encounter a Medium Of Delivering Justice?

The encounter raised several questions, though a section of the population believed that the criminal had met his true destiny. Why would Dubey then try to escape from Kanpur when he offered himself a few hours earlier to be arrested? Was it a change of mind? For a cause, he had surrendered outside the State, and that intention was served. He should have been interviewed during the journey, thus giving out lots of details.

Dubey should have lived to tell the tale. His investigation by naming the actual leaders would have uncovered the deadly combination of politics-babudom-policing. He should have called the police traitors who betrayed their brave colleagues on that fateful night when Dubey and his gang hacked eight cops to death. Through the years he should have known the politicians who were granting him patronage.

Vikas Dubey deserved punishment by the court in the form of a death sentence. Encounters carry no justice. Instead, they show the failure from the part of the Authorities. The encountering massacre of cops and the subsequent killing of Dubey are both grim lessons for us. When systems are not set right, people get struggled in our democracy.


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