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Basic Rights Every Citizen Must Know

Updated: Jan 15

The Indian constitution has provided so many legal guidelines to the general public for the safety of their rights, but unfortunately, many people are not aware of them, and, because of this reason they face many difficulties in their daily life.

You Are Entitled To Free Legal Aid If You Cannot Afford It

According to Article 39-A of the Indian Constitution, the government has the responsibility to provide free legal aid services to all citizens who cannot afford lawyers. The individuals can apply for a lawyer and to do so they have to file an application with the legal service authority with the request for a lawyer.

Women Can Only Be Arrested Before Sunset

A Male police officer or constable cannot arrest women. Only a female constable can arrest women and women can only be arrested before 6 P.M and that women have the right to deny going to the police station after 6 P.M. Only in case of serious crime, a written statement from the District Magistrate being a male police officer can arrest women after 6 P.M.

Maximum Retail Price (MRP) Act, 1963

A consumer has the right to bargain with the shopkeeper for less than MRP of the commodity but a shopkeeper has no right to charge more than the MRP of any commodity.

Automotive (Amendment) Bill, 2016

No person can be fined for the same reason twice a day (if you are going in a car and suddenly a traffic police fines you for not wearing a seat belt or some other reason the same reason should not be used by other traffic police on the same day).

Producing Before The Court In 24 Hours

If a police officer arrests a person due to some cognizable offense and that person should be produced in front of the court within 24 hours. If any failure to do the same it will lead to the release of the person no matter what was his/her offense.

Right To Privacy

According to section 164 of CrPC, a rape victim can give her statement privately to the district magistrate and there is no need of giving the statement in front of the third party. The cops have to keep in mind the women’s right to privacy.

Zero FIR (First Information Report)

No police officer has the right to refuse to register an FIR by saying that the offense occurred outside the police station jurisdiction and that police officer is bound to register FIR, and after that, the officer has to send it to the concerned police station jurisdiction either in another state. This is called Zero FIR.

Cheque Bounce

If you give a cheque and later on it bounces, no one has the right to arrest that person; the recipient has the right to give legal notice to the sender and the sender has to repay the money within 15 days of a legal notice.

Pregnancy and parental leave

Indian constitution provides and directs the state, central government and private individuals to provide maternity leave for women employees who had pregnancy while working. If any person fires that lady for the reason of pregnancy, it would be a serious punishable offense by the maximum of 3 years of imprisonment.

Citizen Charter (Indian Oil Corporation)

If cylinder blasts while cooking then the gas agency has to pay the compensation to that individual up to 50 lakhs.

Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005

Under this Act, both sons and daughters have an equal inheritance of their father’s property.

Rights Of Arrested Person

That individual has the right to know on what grounds he/she is getting arrested and the individual has the right to ask a police officer for a warrant.


Rahul Parchuri is a second-year law student, currently from Ramaiah College of Law, Bangalore.

You can contact them at:https://www.linkedin.com/in/paruchuri-rahul-2b0894186

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