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CYBERCRIME: A Curse On Wildlife

Updated: Jan 20

Behind every great fortune, there is a Crime. – Honore de Balzac

When we hear about the crime, we see that there was an action or omission which have done by one person against any other person ( which includes animals). The crime that has done is punishable by law in every country. A person who is guilty of an offense is punishable under the law. In India, we can see that there are many types of crimes that are taking place in society. From the time of Kautilya’s Arthashasthra (350 B.C.), the authoritative administration addresses that there have many serious crimes that are taken place, and punishments were also given.

The crime is both a social and economic phenomenon. The criminals in society will also get affected by the other members of the community as well. For each and everything a man has for his life and which has been in plenty in his hands, he/she can do a variety of things such that the Technology. Today, most people use technology in their day to day lives. As the advancement of technology has increased, man has been doing illegal acts. Such an unlawful act is Cyber Crimes. The pervading of the computer and other electronic devices in human life has increased that a man cannot spend a day without electronic devices.

The Cybercrime, basically used with the computer oriented which involves the computer and Networks. There are extensive networks throughout the world in the illegal act which may threaten a person to the national security of a country or its financial system. The cybercrimes did not affect the women and children in the country at a large but also for many other purposes. But the cybercrime against women by psychological and physically buy the use of mobiles, computers and the internet has been increasing day by day. The cyber crimes have also increased the demand through international borders, referred to as cyber warfare. The annual damage of the global economy is around $450 billion. The online credit and debit card frauds have been one of the major crimes in many countries.

The cybercrime is not defined in the IT Act, 2000, or its Amendment Act, 2008, nor in any other legislation in India. But the In Indian penal code, 1860 some of the punishments have been dealt with the crime that has committed. Even the small offenses like stealing or pick-pocketing can fall under the border purview of such crimes if such offense is a database or information stored by the fraudster on a database used ( or misused) by it. The IT Act describes a computer, data, information, and all other essential ingredients that are part of the cybercrime.

Wildlife cyber crimes are the crime that is done by a person illegally to the wild animals through electronic media these through the internet, computers, or any sort of mobile phones and their applications. The wildlife poaching is one of the fourth largest crime after Drugs, Smuggling, and Counterfeiting. The wildlife crime as it has more money included the crime is increasing every day in society. With the introduction of newly based technologies, we can see that trade-in wildlife and its products have increased a rapid high in the past ten years or so.

The poaches and traffickers of the wild animals are using modern technology mediums for the promotion of their illegal business. As the sum of money between the trade is increasing the network of poachers, traders, and the consumers are operating on the digital media platforms, which is a challenge to the law enforcement agencies. The reports say that the cybercrime committed every ten minutes in the field of wildlife. The offenses may lead to the catastrophic impacts on Indian wildlife unaddressed. It is our mission that we should give the knowledge and skill to our officers who are dealing with various aspects of wildlife cybercrime. Many of the poachers are using social media platforms like Amazon, E-bay, Olx, Alibaba, Snapdeal, etc. for the transport of wildlife and its products through e-commerce sites.

So, when we see such crimes that are happening place in our society, we should always try to get in touch with the wildlife crime control bureaus or its officials. As we should know, animals are also part of Human survival without one other cannot survive. So we each should know that all the animal species are also should be protected and safeguarded.


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