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Dragon’s Intrusion at LAC: Decoded

“If Death Strike Before I prove my blood, I swear I will kill death”

-Capt. Manoj Kumar Pandey

The whole world is trying to fight with the novel pandemic of COVID-19, which was allegedly spread by china and termed by America as Wuhan virus. The whole world wants an answer from China and even in this phase India takes a neutral approach, but in recent time China is just escalating the things to worse with India. As history is evident we don’t have friendly relations with our neighbours. Our biggest enemy is Pakistan but China is also none the less.

Skirmishes and tensions between India and China are not a novel thing. Do you know that both countries share the world’s largest unmarked border. After the war of 1962 and since then there are several small skirmishes between soldiers of both the countries at different places ranged from Arunachal Pradesh to Sikkim. The topic now became of utmost importance as India is now suffering from the COVID-19 and the whole economy is being disturbed. According to the report of Goldman Sachs, we may face the worst recession ever due to this pandemic and it is not impractical as the world’s third-largest country has already undergone in recession. In these times, China is just giving us new challenges and no less than the situation of war. After the recent tension and skirmish fights between the troop of both the nations in the month of May. The Indo-China border has witnessed the high-end tensions after the incident of 2017, when troops faced off for two months in Doklam, at that time the tension was de-escalated by the diplomatic talks from both ends.

The most recent tussle between two countries was reported in Eastern Ladakh which occurred in the intervening night of May 5 and May 6, first one at Pangong Tso Lake and the second one at Naku La in Sikkim which was dated on May 9. The major point of clashes in present includes the Pangong Lake (Ladakh), the Galway valley and Demchok. The remote reason for this can be seen as on the global level as China is completely alone & no country is in support for China. Now even WHO, which also to some extent has agreed that China is responsible for COVID-19. Many countries broke up their economic ties and other diplomat relations with China so now China is following the policy of Transgression and simply trying to distract the world from the topic of coronavirus. China has started clashes with various countries in the South China Sea, then dispute between Taiwan over Island and the most important and recent stand which was taken by China against India. After the incident of the incursion of Chinese troops in Sikkim, China now takes a defensive action against India in Ladakh too which is a cause of concern for India.

The Chinese troop have crossed about 3 km into the Indian territory in South East of the Galwan valley. They are trying to cross LAC (Line of Actual Control) time and again this has raised a dispute between both the countries in present time. The situation now is worst between countries because up to 10,000 Chinese troops, equipped with vehicles and logistics, are reportedly stationed in Ladakh. The satellite images from Australian strategic policy Institute confirmed the above report as it is clear in the image that China is building camps and moving their logistics. We can’t deny now that China is preparing for war as the statement made by President Xi that “Prepare for War”. Is this belligerent statement against India, US or Taiwan? The Indian government is also not just sitting quite, a high-level meeting chaired by PM Modi has taken place which includes NSA, CDS Bipin Rawat and Tri-services chides over ongoing tensions with China.

The present situation again contended the point, which India kept insisting that 'without resolving the border dispute with China, the situation won’t improve'. However, this time the issue is more serious as it seems like a situation of war between both the countries and once again superpower interfered and Trump said that "he can mediate to deescalate the things between both the countries". If war occurs then it will disturb the stability of Asia as two of its largest military power will clash with each other. We should be worried, but not tensed as this is not 1962’s India and if war happens, we also have huge military powers equipped with required logistics and the most important the morale of our soldiers is higher than that of any other country.


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This article is submitted to us by Shelal Lodhi Rajput.

Editor: Jayant Upadhyay

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