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Emergence of Cyber Crime in Present Scenario


One of the great things that emerged in the present time is the wide use of the Internet and Technology to make the functioning easier. With this, there is also an increase in crime that is done using the internet and Technology and is termed as cyber-crime. It is evolving at such a high rate that several cases are reported daily. There are different ways of performing cyber crimes. They are online banking frauds, online stalking, sending offensive messages to people, taking out someone's private picture or data without the knowledge of the person. These types of crimes are increasing because nowadays access to internet technology is wide and the online platform is so vast that a single message can be circulated to several people in just a few minutes. These messages can be fake ones as these are widely seen in present Covid-19 situations also and such messages lead to disturbance in society. For controlling on this government has done a lot of efforts including punishing with imprisonment and imposing fine on people doing so and establishing a PIB fact check portal where such information can be verified.

Types of cyber-crime

  • Bank Fraud: In the present time it is widely seen that a lot of online bank frauds are committed. Different private information of people such as credit card details, bank account details, online banking passwords so easily accessible by the cyber experts that takes a few minutes for them to clear the amount from a bank account and using information for their benefits. Government and banks took steps to prevent people from such things by creating awareness among people that don't share your private information such as one time passwords, CVV numbers, etc.

  • Privacy Invasion: This is one of the major problems people are facing using the internet as their means. A lot of privacy of the people is at stake. People, by using different applications providing them access to their data, and these applications are stealing their data and making it public. It also includes getting someone's private pictures without the knowledge of the person. In the present Covid-19 time people are more accessible to the internet and more prone to cyber-crimes. It is seen that different video calling software companies getting access to private data of the people and making it public to get money out of it. It also includes stalking someone without the knowledge of others and then taking out their personal information and using it with malicious intent.

  • Online Harassment: As now the whole world is using different social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These platforms are nowadays are at higher use and they are having such a place in people's lives that it controls their activities. This brings a threat that nowadays people are facing that is getting offensive messages, spreading fake news, cyberbullying, and acts such as defamation. Using pictures of celebrities without their permission is also an offence of identity theft.

  • Cyber Terrorism: The Internet is being used for spreading terrorism in the world. It easily helps in washing the brains of the youngsters and indulging them in terrorist activities without even having a physical contact for a conversation with them. This is seen widely in Jammu and Kashmir.

Certain other acts are included in cyber-crime.


There is a vast spread of cyber-crime. We are having laws regarding it such as the Information Technology Act, 2000. It provides for punishment for such acts under section 66 and section 66 A of the Act. The punishment is 3 years of imprisonment, fine or both. But there is a need to take this issue more seriously and make necessary efforts. A proper amendment should be done to the Act of the year 2000 and after 20 years the technology would change and new ways of committing the offence would emerge so using such old provision and punishment won't work out so there is an urgent need of strict punishment to stop this type of acts and making the internet a safer place. Along with this, there is a great need for spreading awareness regarding cyber-crime among people and people should be conscious while dealing with it. Being conscious is one of the best ways to protect ourselves from cyber threat.


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