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Lock-down and the Law

Humankind has watched different pandemics all through the history where some of the portions of it were progressively disastrous than the others to the people. We are watching a very extreme time by and by battling an undetectable adversary; the novel COVID-19 coronavirus. At first, saw in the Wuhan area of China, presently fastly spreading around the globe.


In December 2019, a group of pneumonia cases, brought about by a recently recognized β-crown infection, happened in Wuhan, China. After that this virus is spreading all over the globe so W.H.O termed this virus as a CORONA- 19 (China Originated Virus In December 2019) and called it a Pandemic.

COVID - 19 & Lockdown in India

The infection has spread broadly, and the number of cases are rising day by day as governments works to slow its spread. The Government of India has forced a phenomenal 21-day national lockdown, as a major aspect of a progression of steps to lessen the transmission of the Covid-19. In spite of the fact that the lockdown has been invited by the clinical network as an essential measure, the requirement has left many individuals caught off guard for this extreme interruption, especially farmers and workforce occupied with the casual division.

Lockdown in India was started from 21st March and it is still in continuation and there have been three lists in which cities are in it according to their Corona positive cases.

three lists are as follows :

1. Red Zone

2. Orange Zone

3. Green Zone

Cities are filtered in these lists with some conditions applied to them and only red zone areas are sealed pack because of high positive cases in it. Alongside a phenomenal human cost, COVID-19 has set off a profound monetary emergency.

Impact of Lockdown

1. Lockdown or quarantine is the best method of keeping the spread of the disease from those effectively contaminated into the community.

2. This period offers time to persuade individuals regarding the reality of the circumstance and fabricate positive general supposition, do sanitization everything being equal, vehicles and surfaces, and permits clinics to set themselves up for the following period of activities.

3. Keeping up close to home cleanliness, personal hygiene, and rehearsing individual separating are other useful preventive measures.

Migration of Labourers

“The lockdown in India has impacted the livelihoods of a large proportion of the country's nearly 40 million internal migrants. Around 50,000–60,000 moved from urban centers to rural areas of origin in the span of a few days,”[1]

India has no focal library of migrating specialists regardless of spending enactment 40 years prior to build up such a database, the work service told parliament a month ago. The law intended to formalize work contracts and secure transient workers' privileges, yet it was once in a while upheld.

Every single individual is saying that “corona se bach jayenge , bhook se to jarur mar jayenge ” (we will get safe from corona but we will die due to hunger) in lockdown.

Human Rights of Migrant Labourers

International Human Rights apply to every single individual, paying little mind to migration status. Everybody – resident or migrant, recorded or undocumented – appreciates essential human rights, for example, the privilege to life, freedom, and security of an individual; opportunity from bondage or torment; the option to rise to the assurance of the law and opportunity from segregation; opportunity from self-assertive capture and detainment; the assumption of honesty; and opportunity of affiliation, religion, and articulation.

The following are two non-justiciable Directives of State Policy:

• Article 29 (e) ensures that the health and strength of individuals are not abused and that no one is forced by economic necessity to do work unsuited to their age or strength.

• Article 29 (f) states that childhood and youth should be protected against exploitation.

[1] World Bank Statement, https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/lockdown-in-india-has-impacted-40-million-internal-migrants-world-bank/articleshow/75311966.cms


Ayush Chaurasia is currently, a 2nd-year Law Student at Shambunath Institute of Law.

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