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Pseudo Recognition to Transgender Community

Updated: Jan 18

The Transgender society faces a wide assortment of issues including disconnection, abuse, and the battle for acknowledgement inside the standard structure holding the system together. They are ignored in all circles of life. They come to such an appalling junction in life where they are pushed to the edges of human civilization to carry on with a day to day existence which they start to detest. Dismissed by their family issues, for example, appropriation and legacy, they are denied even fundamental human pride and are exposed to embarrassment, dangers, and maltreatment by the different citizenry. There are well-being differences brought about by factors like money related hindrances (absence of protection, absence of salary), suppliers, well-being frameworks obstructions (improper electronic records, structures), and financial boundaries (transportation, lodging). Regularly, a large number of them likewise drop out of schools because of the badgering and harassment they face. They experience the ill effects of sentiments of sexual orientation dysphoria, mental, physical, and social prohibition. This prompts wretchedness, stress, and tension among them. Lack of incorporation and osmosis render them jobless and they need to turn to employments which bring a ton of judgment, such as asking and in more awful cases, prostitution. Nothing has been done to enable them and lighten their situation in the public arena and regardless of different decisions and thoughts upon the issues of the network, they despite everything stand to confront separation and abuse on account of others.

The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019.

The Act was a summit of the regulations of the Supreme Court in NALSA v. Union of India and it expresses strengths about ascertaining the rights of the transgender community.

Major features of the Act :

  • The Act recognizes transgender people as those whose sexual orientation doesn't match the gender during childbirth. It incorporates trans-men and trans-women, people with intersex varieties, sexual orientation queers, and people with social identities.

  • It forbids discrimination fronting them including dismissal of aid or unlawful treatment regarding education, employment, healthcare, enjoyment of goods, facilities, right to movement, opportunity to hold public or private office, etc.

Critical Analysis

  • The Act, with the essential object of inspiring the trans-community from different sorts of discrimination and provocation, was ordered without a meeting with the trans-community.

  • Section 6 of the Act speaks about the acknowledgement of the personality of a transsexual individual by presenting an application to the District Magistrate. Upon the accommodation of an application, the district Magistrate gives a declaration of the identity of life to transgender individuals. It is to take note that even though the NALSA judgment expresses that the self-assurance of gender is a necessary piece of individual self-autonomy, still the Act requires a transsexual to acquire a declaration of the way of life as a transsexual from the District Magistrate. Additionally, the Act doesn't refer to a reasonable definition or system in regards to how the District Magistrate would analyze the individual or archives and is likewise without any space for change if the District Magistrate declines the application.

  • Section 7 gives that to acquire an amended authentication of changed gender as either male or female, the transsexual individual needs to experience a Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) and need to submit one more application to the District Magistrate with an endorsement given by Medical Superintendent or Chief Medical Officer of the clinical establishment stating that individual has undergone the medical procedure.

  • The Act proclaims sexual maltreatment against a transsexual individual to be a culpable offence.

  • The Act is quiet upon the arrangement of reservation in instructive establishments, occupations, marriage, reception, legacy, property, benefits.


The law is and ought to be for the individuals, by the individuals, and of the individuals. It ought to be passed in the wake of reflecting over the depictions of those areas and communities for which the law is to be passed. In any case, it has not been so in the current case for the transgender community. Such incoherencies cause one to question how significant the assurance of transgenders is to the law. Regardless of whether certain roads of rights have been opened up to transsexual people, there still stands no such strong establishment for these confirmed rights, and this network keeps on confronting embarrassment and abuse, including another wrinkle of pseudo acknowledgement to the transsexual network.


Varnika Tyagi is a third-year student at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun.

They can be contacted at varnikatyagi2299@gmail.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/varnika-tyagi-32564917a/

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