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Rights with a Neutral Mindset

Humans are one of the most incredible creatures on Earth and it would not be pointless in the contemporary world to say that Man is a political animal, but what makes him political? It is easy to say that people who participate in politics are only considered as a political man but it might not be so. To quote that every man is a political animal is due to his Rights. Rights are the biggest political weapon of a human being as a subject of the state.

Considering the above phrase, one might be doubtful that is it really the Rights which vests with us as a political weapon? Yes, indeed they vest. The only thing is we should be seeing these rights while considering neutrality in our minds. Rights are different for different people but the basic rationale of enjoying our Rights is enjoying without breaking any further law; without being biased; without impugning unnecessarily over others' people’s rights; without destroying other’s positions or without elevating our position on them.

The Contemporary world has experienced itself with one of the most fatal pandemics ever i.e. Corona. It is quite evident that there are umpteen set of human rights either being violated or are put to risk. Labour laws are one of the most common impugned aspects of the society as of now that has to be taken as an issue considering the rights of the labourers along with their wages and other economic allowances. It is the duty of the government to be a watchdog over their rights, draft necessary policies and schemes for their welfare.

Therefore it is important to know your rights and act as a watchdog, to ensure that people see rights through neutrality. A right which is conducive to one may not be the same for another, a balance has to be struck. The best way to see your rights is not in conflict with others is to put yourself in the shoes of the affected one. This is a universal strategy to test whether rights, that you are exercising, are just or unjust. The concept of Rights has been changing since its origin. There have been revolts, movements or agitations and they all make one thing evident that rights are the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of a common citizen.


Lakshya Sharma is currently a student of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law.

Editor: Jayant Upadhyay

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