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The Explosion that shook Lebanon

Updated: Jan 20

A large Explosion happened on the Lebanon Capital Beirut on August 4, which has ravaged buildings and offices all over the city, killing and injuring many people. Lebanon's state-run news reports say that the explosion had arisen due to the fire outbreak in a warehouse near the Beirut's Port, which has been exclusively used for storing the firecrackers.

The video of the same was taken by the residents showing a fire raging at the port which was then followed by the giant column of smoke, more like a mushroom cloud, as an aftereffect of the massive explosion trigger.

As per the latest report issued by the Health Minister of Lebanon, the death toll has risen to 80 and is expected to reach 100, and more than 4000 people were injured. The causation or the reason for the explosion is still vague, but it was earlier blamed on the fire that broke out from the warehouse. The warehouse was a centre for storing 2,750 metric tons of the Ammonium Nitrate and was stored in the warehouse for six years. This chemical is used in fertilizers and bombs and was condemned by the officials that it was stored without any kinds of safety measures, thus endangering the life of the citizens, according to the statement made by Hassan Diab, the Prime minister of Lebanon.

while other officials claim that the explosion was not that of the Ammonium Nitrate, but that of some sort of military explosives. however, the Government has blamed the poor management and ensured to get into the depth of the reason for such an explosion. Even if this is the case, there are no signs of an implied Attack.

According to Germany's Geosciences Center GFZ, the blast struck with the intensity of 3.5 magnitude Earthquake, and the explosion was heard as far away as Cyprus, which is 2000 miles away across the Meditteranean.

The sudden and unpredictable chemical disaster had further added to the burden of the COVID pandemic and its related economic crisis. Many of them lost jobs, while the worth of their savings has evaporated as the currency has plunged in value as against the dollar. The result had thrown many into poverty. Hundreds of Ambulances were stirring off the roads, carrying the wounded, and the Hospitals were overflowed with an innumerous number of casualties. At Present, there is quite a shortage of blood supplies. since many of Beirut's hospitals had been damaged due to the blast, the hospitals had put out a call for people to bring spare generators to sustain its electricity, as it evacuated patients due to the heavy damage caused.

The explosion has come amidst the tensions which are happening between Israel and the Hezbullah military group on Lebanon's southern border. May residents reported that they overheard planes just before the attack, though Israeli military overflights are common. This had added to the rumours of Israel attack, bu the Israel government official has stated that it had nothing to do with the blast.


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