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The Practical Legal World


Law is a profession that aims in serving the society. It is a profession which is always evolving, there are a variety of options in different fields of law for one to grow and grasp knowledge. But the key point towards once success in this field lies in their ability to perform and leave an impact in the court by addressing the facts of the case on which they worked. Every law college out there focuses on building a strong and solid foundation of law for the students, which is enough for them to be productive and that can happen when they use their knowledge and skills in providing effective arguments in the Bar. If they lack the efficiency to explain the respected judge the required details of a case then it pinpoints the lack of reference or hard work they did.

The Importance of theory and the Practicality of it, in the Courtrooms

The theoretical language of the law does not do justice to the practical aspect of it in the legal world, because theory in law introduces one to studies involved in different law books, acts, citations, references, etc. but it forgets to introduce one to the experience of standing in front of the court with the will power to not fail. Therefore, the theory of law and practical experience should go hand in hand, theory prepares one with facts to argue and debate but practical experience lets one be determined and patient in the use of the studied facts as proof when necessary.

To survive in this profession, it is important to acknowledge that the reality of courtrooms is different from what we study in textbooks. And the reason behind this is, practicality in the courtrooms comes with time, it is slow and steady progress, it is a different learning experience. It requires one to have strategies, be well planned, and be valid in addition to all the knowledge they gained from studying.

The practical legal world involves a lot of exposure. It provides a platform to interact, to have heated discussions, and to even establish friendships. As when hearings take place, the prosecution or defendant can bombard unexpected questions on the witness on the witness stand. Therefore, it is crucial to have enough awareness of how trials happen and how the jurisdiction takes a decision.

Law is one of the most difficult and interesting profession, and it is to date considered discrete from what is said and practiced. Educating oneself of law and the ground reality of implementing it is contrasting at times. There are cases, which relate to many of the references which lawyers go through while studying the case, it is enough to get the Jury to listen but there are times when a delay in proceedings, backlog in the appellate and jurisdiction is observed, for these times theory is of no help. Practical understanding and circumstances can assure people in this field to work on improving the case in hand, before the next hearing or for a new one.


Therefore law colleges should motivate students to participate in the moot courts, and students should start interning from the lower courts itself before interning in Supreme or High court because lower courts help them to build a base, they learn a lot about filing and drafting and how confident one needs to be when running from one court to another for the hearing. And this practical skill and proficiency enhances with time and lays a foundation for growth.


Sherlin Varghese is currently a 4th year Law Student at the KR Mangalam University, Gurgaon.

You can contact them at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sherlin-varghese-513005168/

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