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The Significance Of Cyber Law: A Lawful Security Against Cyercrimes In India


We are living in an era which is dominated by a lifestyle which necessitates the internet as a mode of livelihood for many. The internet is a virtual world filled with information and new ideologies which keeps on changing and evolving over the period. The important thing to understand about the internet is, that laws of the real world are not easily applicable to the social platform, which connects different people around the globe by just a click. It is essential to understand that any life-threatening act that happens through the internet is known as cyber-crime which is increasing day-by-day in India.

Cyber-crime is a heinous offence which involves computers or digital devices. Stringent cyber laws should be enforced to put an end to malicious exploitations that takes place on the social platform. Cybercrime in India for time being if we keep emotions such as ego and competence apart, another crucial reason behind the increase in cybercrime is profit. An offence like cybercrime requires knowledge and the criminals use their capability to deceive and exploit people as they find it easy to generate money without having to do genuine work. Cybercrimes are considered as one of the major crimes which can cause damages and these damages cannot be easily fixed.

It is important to understand that cybercrime is mainly conducted against Government, Property and People. When Cybercrime takes place against the Government, it leads to cyber terrorism. If criminals are successful, it can cause devastation and panic amongst the citizen. In this class, criminals hack government websites, military websites or circulate propaganda. The committers can be terrorist outfits or unfriendly governments of other nations. When cybercrime takes place against an individual, it can be in the form of cyberstalking, cyberbullying, phishing, hacking, identity theft, etc. In the present situation, law enforcement agencies are considering such cybercrime very serious and are joining forces worldwide to reach and arrest the committers.

The Importance of Cyber Laws

There are various apps, networks, software’s and websites on which cyber-crime can take place, as it is the cyberspace which is targeted by the people with the wrongful intention. The government and judiciary are aware of the unfortunate situations which build-up, once the cyberspace is attacked. They are stepping up their efforts for the citizens of the country as there is a rise in illegal conduct such as; frauds, threats and hacking incidents. Cyber laws are the main concern of the country as the transactions are going cashless and security becomes a big task and a challenge especially because the privacy of a citizen is a fundamental right and due to that, cybersecurity becomes one of the most prioritizable aspects for the evolution of cyber law.

The trust and resilience of cyber systems is the key to the digital economy to prosper and succeed. The citizens should also be aware of the cybersecurity system of the country for which the government has launched massive cyber literacy programmes and there is absolute cognizance of it. Constantly building capacity is also very important in the form of upgrading tools and software and strengthening the IT Cell of India. Everyone needs to learn and be aware of cyber-crimes as well as cyber law because artificial intelligence has become a part of our daily routine and it plays a major role in providing us with revenue, running the country progress, building a future etc.

Therefore, when it comes to handling cyber-crime, one should always be prepared by having strong passwords on their computers and other digital devices so that no one can break-in and one’s software should always be updated, the home network should be strong enough and there should be fully secured internet service.


One significant rule that no one should ever forget is to be aware and keep others, including children aware of the internet and its uses. Even if one deals with harassment of any kind on the internet, which can later become a cybercrime then there is Judiciary and its laws on which people should not lose faith. Cyber laws are created to help people and to stop any crime that can affect the well-being of society.


Sherlin Varghese is currently a 4th year Student, studying B.A. LL. B (H) at KR Mangalam University,

Gurugram. You can contact the author at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sherlin-varghese-513005168/

Editor: Jayant Upadhyay

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