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Zero FIR: A right to be known

Most of the residents of India are ignorant of the arrangement of a Zero FIR which was suggested by the Justice Verma Committee set up following 2012 Nirbhaya assault and murder case in Delhi so as to decrease the raising concerns with respect to the terrible offense of assault, snatching and grabbing against women. In any case, the presentation of Zero FIR will put a legitimate commitment on the police to start examination and make speedy moves.

Provisions built up to keep the casualty from the burden:

According to the Sec 154 CrPC, each Police official will undoubtedly register the FIR of any cognizable offense submitted, regardless of the locale in which the offense was committed. At the point when a cognizable offense is accounted for, the cop enlisting the case forthwith begins the examination, though it is not in his local jurisdiction and enrolls the FIR under number 00 and sends it to police headquarters, where additional examination takes place. Such FIR is called zero FIR. It is for the comfort of the casualty that as opposed to making the casualty run from column to post, the cop, where the casualty approaches according to his benefit, the case is recorded and the cop sends it to the concerned police headquarters.

Judiciary on Zero FIR:

It must be a cognizable offense, that is, genuine wrongdoing. An established seat of the SC in a 2013 case, that is, Lalita Kumari v. Govt. Of U.P.& Ors on 12 November 2013 [2014] 2 SCC 1. held that enrollment of FIR is compulsory U/S 154 of CRPC if the case relates to a cognizable offense.

Guidelines issued by MHA:

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has issued incalculable rules to the States for registration of Zero FIR and having relying on these advisories, a division bench of the Karnataka High Court, on September 19, 2019, has issued directions on the basis of a PIL petition filed by advocate S Umapathi that, “Even if the alleged offense has been committed outside the territorial jurisdiction of the police station, FIR shall be still registered and the same shall be transferred to the appropriate police station."

It is imperative to note here that any cop who won't record a Zero FIR can be rebuffed under Section 166A of the IPC, 1860 which examines thorough detainment for a term at least a half year reaching out till two years.

Further Section 460 of CrPC counts the conditions wherein a legitimate continuing won't stand vitiated. Section 460(e) gives that a judge may not be approved to take cognizance of an offense outside his jurisdictional confinements, yet by temperance of Section 190 (1) (a) or (b) it won't wind up being trivial.

Here is the agenda that is clung to while recording a Zero FIR:

  • Proclamations to be recorded by the cop recorded as a hard copy.

  • Put a witness' mark to offer the expression officially.

  • A copy of the objection to be given to the source.

  • Witnesses ought to consistently guarantee to get an ID number.

  • Move of the considerable number of reports to an able police headquarters for them to continue with the examination.

At the point when an FIR is enlisted, it is given a sequential number by the police headquarters that has a regional locale to examine the wrongdoing.

Consequently, it very well may be finished up by expressing that Zero FIR was esteemed as one of the progressive strides in legitimate history to ease the state of women in India. These days it is not exclusively for ladies even it extends to everyone who experienced sufferings in late registration of FIRs.


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